Jeff’s Bio

For most it’s a world of small inconvenience: traffic jams, sore throats, and burnt toast. For Jeff Steinberg, it’s a world of major handicaps. But does he see himself to be pitied? No, absolutely not! Award-winning Inspirational speaker, Jeff Steinberg IS a Masterpiece in Progress!! He stands 4’6” tall on wobbly legs, holds a microphone with a metal hook on a prosthetic arm; and yet commands the entire stage. Jeff Steinberg fills the auditorium with his powerful presence and message: “You’re A Masterpiece In Progress!”

Born with no arms, deformed legs and an expectation that he would not survive, Jeff spent his early years in Shriners’ Hospital for Crippled Children. After multiple orthopedic surgeries, he learned to walk with a brace and was fitted with his first prosthetics.

As a young boy, Jeff learned the truth that would become the foundation of his life: “I am made to be awesome and wonderful!!” (Psalm 139:14). Jeff Steinberg sees his disabilities as assets, not liabilities. He is living proof that, “…the difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little longer!”

Jeff travels the globe with a special message, “The real handicap is anything that keeps us from becoming all that we were created to be!” Our mission in life is to, “Quit focusing on the handicap and start appreciating The Gift!”

For more than 49 years, he performed on TV Variety Shows & telethons. He was Co-Host for an Television Special, called “The Best You Can Be… The Handicapped Hall of Fame.” He was headline for “The President’s Council on Hiring Persons with Disabilities”, and appeared on “The Variety Club Telethon” with Host Monte Hall.


Jeff has shared the stage with Barbara Mandrell, Zig Ziglar, NFL Superbowl Champion Rocky Bleier, John Goodman, Senator Bob Dole, Jim Nabors, Former CEO of Guerilla Marketing; The Icon Builder, David Fagan, The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, The Winner’s Circle Founder & CEO Wajed “Roger” Salam and the list goes on.

His greatest honor was to be on stage with Mother Teresa during her 1989 U.S. visit. Jeff enjoys speaking to Schools, Universities, U.S Military, corporate events, churches and more. 


He is a two-time recipient of the Artist Music Guild Heritage Award for Comedian of The Year (2019 & 2015), and a nominee in several categories.


Jeff is the 13th inductee into The Good Shepherd Hall of Fame for Persons with Disabilities for his achievements in the field of music, for his advocacy for the physically challenged and for carrying the message that each of us is “A Masterpiece In Progress.”

He is a two-time recipient of the Artist Music Guild Heritage Award for Comedian of The Year (2019 & 2015), and a nominee in several categories.

Jeff recorded several audio CD’s & video projects including, “Masterpiece in Progress”, “Tiny Giant” on his own GlovePRINTS label.

His autobiography, Masterpiece In Progress, now distributed worldwide, is available digitally via Kindle, iBooks and on audiobook via


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