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God is good - All the time!!   We appreciate your interest in our ministry for your church or ministry organization. The Unique Ministry of The JEFF STEINBERG TEAM  is one of music, humor, testimony and The Word prayerfully designed to be an encouragement and a blessing to you, your Church family and your community.

Our desire to help your people to see God's Opportunities instead of focusing on our limitations. Individually, we have overcome personal challenges - physical disabilities, abuse, rejection by family, personal & financial failure and the negative attitudes of others, yet, through Jesus Christ, we have learned to look beyond physical circumstances. Together we have learned that a real handicap is “…anything that keeps me from being or becoming all that God has designed for me to be.” We challenge you to see that through the power of God, you too are a "Masterpiece In Progress!"


Your Ministry family will be challenged to watch what God can do in and through their lives and to look for the "Masterpiece" that He is creating. The Jeff Steinberg Ministry Team seeks to demonstrate that God's Grace can help us do more than endure life; His Love and Grace can and will teach us to enjoy life - to be the victorious believers He intended for us to be!



The Ministry of Jeff Steinberg is just that - Ministry. While projected budget "cost" information is important, we recognize that some smaller ministries might have difficulty reaching a specific amount. The JEFF STEINBERG TEAM does NOT select opportunities based on size, affluence or financial ability. (If you wish to know more about specific costs, please feel free to contact our office). We do ask, however, that you remember that this is our spiritual calling AND our main vocation. We believe that God uses His people to meet the needs of His people. We are pleased to offer a few options that you may find helpful. They include:


A Love Offering - (No Minimum Commitment) - plus Budgetary Consideration - plus Meal(s) & Lodging
There is no minimum commitment or “Target” amount for the Love Offering, however due to the fluctuating travel costs and Personal Assistants (to help Jeff with his personal care needs), we are asking (whenever possible) that $350.00 - $400.00 (as agreed to by both parties) be added to the Love Offering to help us with these increased expenses.


A Love Offering - (Minimum Commitment) plus Meal(s) & Lodging (a designated amount agreed upon at the time of scheduling)
An offering received for this Ministry that is less than the committed amount is raised up to the amount promised. An offering received above the guarantee amount is always appreciated and will be given entirely to The JEFF STEINBERG TEAM to support this Ministry (unless special arrangements are made prior to the service/concert date).


A Fixed Guarantee, Fee or Honorarium (specific Guarantee amount as agreed upon at the time of scheduling)
The “Guarantee” amount should be set so it is both reachable for you and still be workable for us.


The JEFF STEINBERG TEAM appreciates your every effort to bless this ministry while we are with you.


Additional Requests - Food, Lodging, Transportation

In addition to the financial arrangements made from the options listed above, as indicated above, we ask that you provide all meals for up to four people (Mr. & Mrs. Steinberg & their assistants), and lodging accommodations while we are with you - usually two moderate hotel/motel rooms (i.e., Hampton Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Super 8, etc.).


When arranging hotel/motel accommodations, we request that a King room (for extra space) close to an elevator be confirmed for Mr. & Mrs. Steinberg, and a standard room for our touring assistant(s). 


Please Note: Do NOT request or reserve a handicapped accessible room for the Steinbergs.


Transportation costs are required when the date of your ministry event does not coincide with our tour schedule. When air travel is necessary, we try to keep your costs as low as possible, i.e., discounted fares (if available), etc. The airfare expense may be divided between several participating churches in a community-wide effort or when other ministry/concert opportunities are scheduled for us while we are in your area. We appreciate your generosity and kind hospitality.


What can you expect during the Concert / Service?
You can expect Song (I'm told Neil Diamond sounds like me!?! :-)); humor; personal testimony (focused mostly on my physical challenges and the reactions of others to me), and sharing from The Scriptures opportunities in The Lord as to ways we can rise above what the world views as "handicaps."


Equipment Requirements

We generally provide our own PA. We would appreciate a connection to your video projection equipment (via VGA or S-Video - we have 80’ -100' cables for either format) from our laptop computer. The video presentation is synchronized with our PerformanceTRAX sometimes called backing tracks.

When the service/concert falls on a Sunday morning, we are prepared to take as much of the service as you are comfortable giving to us. Typically, we prefer that you have a brief opening of worship, song, prayer and receive your church tithes and offerings; then introduce The Jeff Steinberg Ministry Team for our presentation. When the service/concert falls on an Evening, we prefer that you have a brief opening of worship, song, prayer and then our presentation.


Love Offering

At an appropriate point in the service/concert, I will turn it back over to you for a Love Offering. Following the Love Offering, I will present a commitment opportunity for spiritual and/or non-spiritual (physical, social, relational, financial, etc.) matters. As I am a guest, I would request that you (or the person leading the service) be on the platform with me to pray for those who indicate a need. It is important to us that we focus the attention of the audience to The Lord and back to the leadership of your local ministry family.


Ministry Products

We also appreciate the opportunity to display and make available our ministry products (tapes, CD's, books, etc.) for purchase and that you provide any table(s), access to any electrical outlets and/or telephone jacks (if available) within 200 feet of the table in the lobby of the auditorium.


Marketing Your Event

In scheduling events like this, we have found that on an "off night," a simple spaghetti (or other) dinner and concert can be a great, non-threatening way to invite non-believing friends, neighbors & families into the church. It is a win/win opportunity for our ministry and for your church. Also, inviting other churches and ministry organizations to participate is a great way to turn a Concert or Service into a community-wide outreach event!


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