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 “Jeff Steinberg is an individual that took a perceived disability by others and turned it
into a gift that inspires others all around the world. He is a man of faith that shows all of us
anything can be accomplished in life with the right attitude, mindset, and ability to use our strengths
to help others.”

Christopher Salem Life & Business Coach / Award winning Author

 “Jeff Steinberg’s presentation and message makes us realize that we limit our abilities
through our beliefs and we create barriers as to what we can and can’t do. Jeff’s message was both
inspirational and motivational. The audience was mesmerized by Jeff’s ability to perform and touch
people’s lives in a way that has folks saying, ”If he can do what he does with his disabilities, I can
accomplish more with my my abilities and opportunities.” .He is a true “Masterpiece in Progress” but
most importantly, Jeff has a unique ability to inspire others that they too, are a “Masterpiece in

Grant Gravois, Agency Field Executive, State Farm Insurance Companies St.
Louis, Missouri

 “Jeff, I’d like to say thank you for your very moving and inspirational performance during
the opening ceremonies of the 2006 Hanger Education Fair. Your presentation was very well received by
the attendees, and it set the stage for what many people thought was the most successful Education Fair
we have ever had. The message you delivered after your vocal performance helped all f us at Hanger gain
a greater appreciation for how the work we do impact our patients’ lives.Thank you again and best

Daryl Williams, Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. Bethesda. MD

 “I truly don’t think anyone has inspired our organization more than you. Your wit,
enthusiasm and incredible voice has touched our people. You, Jeff, know to make people feel …like a
Masterpiece In Progress.”

Angelo Nardone, President, Nardone Associates, Alexandria, VA

 “It has been an honour to be part of Jeff Steinberg’s ministry in the UK in recent years.
His ministry in churches, schools, prisons and to other groups is both professional yet sensitive to the
occasion. He has a message of hope for everyone and is an inspiration to many. He has become a good
friend and I commend him to you.”

Rev. Rob Carter, Director, Missionary Ventures Great Britain, Drake
Street, Rochdale OL16 1PB, ENGLAND UK

 “Thank you so much for making “fearfully and wonderfully made” such an exciting display of
God’s grace and mercy for our men! Your ministry touched all of our hearts in a very powerful way. Thank
you Jeff for being YOU, and letting the world know ‘God is good all the time!’ “

Major Mike Vincent, Administrator for The Salvation Army, Northern Virginia Adult
Rehabilitation Center, Alexandria, VA

 “Thank you so much for your ministry last night. I can tell you it was well received. A
long time since I saw a standing ovation in church. Reports are very favorable and people were blessed,
because the church is feeling sore with the recent shocks of the loss of some good workers. God bless
you all. Love to all the team.”

In Him, Rev. Jim Neill, Vicar / Pastor, St. Ann with Emmanuel Church,
Nottingham, ENGLAND UK

 “Jeff Steinberg went down very well with our people His well communicated message was
inspiring, challenging and delivered with humor, sensitivity and music. A good outreach as well as
ministering to believers.”

Rev. Brian Grist, Pastor, Carlisle City Church, Carlisle, ENGLAND

 “Jeff is, as he describes himself, a “Masterpiece in Progress.” His gift of uplifting and
challenging others to come alive no matter what, gives hope and new or renewed faith in God. I guarantee
that Jeff will be a spiritual blessing to any congregation.”

Pastor John A. Bryant, First United Methodist Church, Punta Gorda, FL

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“World-Class Message”

“I first watched this Tiny Giant with mangled legs and no arms, sing, share, humor and deliver his special message on a world-class level. He spoke with authority, passion, gratitude and humility. He kept me on the edge of my seat. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.


Jeff Steinberg has proven since his birth that he is unstoppable.  I encourage you to schedule Jeff Steinberg for your next event.” 

Frank Candy

Ammerican Speakers Bureau

“Overcoming Since Birth”

“Jeff defies the buzz-words of his condition. His talent, ingenuity and determination prevent him from being “handicapped.” His dexterity with his feet, mouth and hook hardly qualify him as “disabled.”

He has achieved more in his life than most “able-bodied” individuals, developing and maximizing his talents for the work of God. But then, “overcoming” is something Jeff has been doing since birth.” 

Strongly recommend booking Jeff.

Rob Swanson

Look Up Orlando Magazine (July 2006)