Jeff Steinberg is the 2015 & 2019 Artists Music Guild Heritage Award recipient for Comedian of The Year.

Enjoy the many ways Jeff Steinberg uses humor to motivate and Inspire audiences to shed their excuses and realize for themselves that they can be a Masterpiece In Progress!

Your audience will roar as Jeff tells about his Draft Board run-in with Uncle Sam!

Jeff Steinberg has no arms or hands & mal-formed legs, however he does not see himself as handicapped. He sees his disabilities as assets; he uses his unique comic abilities to inspire folks globally in Schools, Prisons, Churches, Conventions, Awards Dinners, Telethons, Fund-Raisers, and more.

Here, Jeff Steinberg shares with a small group of business people his comic approach to the paint job on his Tour Trailer.

Born with what most folks would call “handicaps,” Jeff sees his “disabilities” as opportunities to uses his unique comic abilities to inspire audiences globally.

In 1997, Jeff Steinberg recorded a “Live…In Concert” performance DVD in Dillsburg, PA. To celebrate his 44th year, laugh with Jeff at some of the most humorous moments.